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The key to success is harnessing the collective power of high-performing teams.

In today’s competitive landscape, the key to success is harnessing the collective power of high performing teams. While individual capabilities are crucial, high-performing leadership teams possess a unique ability to surpass the sum of their parts. However, achieving such synergy requires breaking free from traditional silos and embracing transparency, trust, and collaboration. Enter Ben’s High Performing Team Coaching—an empowering solution that helps teams pave the way for shared vision, aligned priorities, and seamless collaboration, even amidst global market complexities and intense demands.


The 4-Step Model for Building High Performing Teams

  1. Purpose: The journey starts by guiding team members to define their shared purpose and aspirations. By aligning values and ambitions, teams gain clarity on collective goals, fostering a sense of purpose that unites and motivates each member towards a common objective.
  2. People: Optimal team performance thrives when individual strengths complement one another. It’s critical for a team to align strengths strategically, creating a collaborative and high-performing culture of respect and appreciation.
  3. Process: Effective teamwork demands a well-defined and efficient process. Ben coaches teams to establish common ways of working, clarifying roles, responsibilities, and communication channels for leading the business. This is particularly vital in a global marketplace where teams navigate competing resources and demands.
  4. Performance: The ultimate goal for high-performing teams is sustainable success. Ben’s coaching focuses on setting clear success measures, agreed upon by key stakeholders, to drive the team’s progress. Continuous evaluation and improvement ensure adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges.

The Bespoke Journey for High Performing Teams

Recognising the uniqueness of every team, Ben tailors his coaching programmes to each team’s specific needs and objectives. Through a comprehensive assignment, the journey unfolds in the following stages:

  1. Discovery: Before commencing the team coaching delivery, Ben conducts in-depth diagnostics with the team leader and members. This thorough assessment informs the programme’s design and establishes a foundation for effective measurement and progress tracking.
  2. Develop: Equipped with a deep understanding of the team’s dynamics, Ben designs bespoke coaching sessions that address specific challenges and opportunities. Collective agreement on outcomes ensures everyone is invested in the coaching process.
  3. Deliver: Ben’s facilitation of team performance coaching acts as a catalyst, driving tangible value for the team. His insightful guidance and actionable strategies empower the team to unleash its full potential, fostering a high-performing culture that sustains success.

“Ben has worked closely with myself and my senior leadership team. His knowledge of our business and ability to draw out key issues with fresh insight have been extremely valuable. We’ve been leveraging Ben’s coaching expertise to bring a team of experienced individuals with diverse backgrounds together in a way that drives action, yet fosters collaboration across this very diverse region of over 40 countries.”
Jan Smits, former CEO AMEA, IHG

It is super important for teams today to make sure they are set up for success. Working with Ben as your team coach ensures this happens and more.”
Laura Miller, Chief Information Officer, Macy’s

“At Heathrow we have been transforming the passenger experience through world class new facilities and collaborative ways of working. Ben has been pivotal in coaching our most senior teams to deliver this change and achieve their potential.”
John Holland-Kaye, Former CEO, Heathrow