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Executive Coaching provides leaders with the invaluable opportunity to pause, reflect, and strategise.

In our fast-paced, complex, action-orientated world, executive coaching is a strategic partnership focused on achieving measurable outcomes. By leveraging this powerful alliance, leaders can effectively navigate their realities and concentrate on delivering sustainable performance and growth.


Tailored Excellence for Lasting Impact

Every leader is unique, and therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t suffice. Each coaching programme is meticulously designed to address the specific needs and objectives of the leader in question. By agreeing upon success measures with key stakeholders, we ensure that the coaching journey is purposeful and impactful.


A Journey to Accelerate Growth and High Performance

A typical coaching programme spans one year enabling time for meaningful exploration and sustainable development. This comprehensive journey includes a range of essential elements to foster leadership excellence:

  1. Face-to-Face and Online Sessions: Coaching sessions are a blend of face-to-face interactions and virtual meetings, providing flexibility and convenience for busy leaders.
  2. Personalised 360-Degree Feedback: Leaders receive invaluable insights from a diverse range of perspectives through personalised 360-degree feedback. This comprehensive assessment forms a solid foundation for targeted development.
  3. Personality Profiling: Understanding leadership styles and preferences is key to unlocking leadership potential. We conduct personality profiling to help leaders leverage their strengths effectively.
  4. Stakeholder Alignment and Progress Meetings: By involving stakeholders in the coaching process, we ensure alignment with organisational objectives. Regular progress meetings keep the journey on track and dynamic.
  5. Key Document Review: We review and provide feedback on crucial documents, guiding leaders to articulate their vision and strategies effectively.
  6. Ongoing Contact for Momentum: We believe in staying connected to our clients throughout their journey. Ongoing contact ensures that momentum is maintained, and leaders receive timely support.


Signature Programmes to Elevate Leadership

  1. C-Suite Coaching: Designed exclusively for top-level executives, this programme empowers C-suite leaders to overcome unique challenges and drive transformative change.
  2. Leadership Coaching: Tailored for leaders at all levels, this programme hones essential leadership skills and fosters a high-performance culture.
  3. Career Coaching: Supporting leaders in their career transitions, this programme provides guidance and clarity for career advancement.
  4. Performance Coaching: This programme targets performance optimisation, equipping leaders with strategies to reach their full potential.

“Ben really did work a miracle with his coaching. He is exactly the right type to work with energetic, creative and opinionated leaders. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”
Sophie Turner Laing Sky Managing Director, Entertainment, News & Broadcast Operations

“Ben has played an important role in shaping many of the great leaders we have in the business today. On a personal note he has supported my leadership journey as CEO and I fully recommend his approach for leaders wanting to maximise their potential.”
Richard Solomons, Chairman of Rentokil Initial PLC